Tropical Light Twilight Cruise

Tropical Light Twilight Cruise
From AUD $65.00
  • Duration: 45 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Darwin, NT
  • Product code: TLC

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Just add water for your tropical light experience, and start
your evening in Darwin with mother nature’s best free light show.  This is tropical light unplugged, a short
sunset and twilight cruise on Darwin Harbour during the tropical summer season
when the sky is stretched with colour catching storm clouds, multi-hued sunsets
and a peppering of electrical light shows. 
This is a time of year when there is an abundance of natural beauty on
the harbour, with magnificent storms clouds rolling by, legendary for the speed
they move and the spectacular light shows they bring. 

This 45-minute cruise is for those with a love of the
extraordinary.   Board your vessel 15
minutes before sunset for a fast ride out on the harbour to catch the last rays
of the setting tropical summer sun.  Expect
dark, moody, orange, or yellow illuminated rays in the sky. And then, as
twilight awakens, expect the colours to stretch the sky and intensify.  Your local crew will then take you to the
back of the harbour to a thriving landscape of trees in the sea, where birds
find sanctuary at the end of the day, and where natures embrace has a backdrop
of Darwin city reflecting twilight’s mood. 

As you return to Kitchener Bay you will be greeted with a
stunning exhibition of plugged Tropical Light, as the Darwin Waterfront seawall
is transformed with Bruce Munro’s Water Tower sculptures.  These towers of stacked recyclable water bottles
are illuminated by optical fibre, like enormous liquid batteries of light.  They pay homage to the humble water tower,
found in every outback town in the Northern Territory.

Disembark at Stokes Hill Wharf in a perfect location to
stroll through the waterfront precinct to the city to experience the complete
Bruce Munro Tropical Light exhibition.